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RandTune: Ringtone Randomizer

Developer: HiAppo
1.2 usd

Set all your favorite tracks to random. Shuffle everything that shuffles. Personalize your gadget like a pro.Tired of hearing same tracks everytime people call you? First seconds of alarm clock ringtone are already dreamed in nightmares? RandTune+ will bring more suddenness into you life. Enjoy :)
What can RandTune+ do? - Create an unlimited nubmer of playlists for every day, parties and events. - Easily switch them when needed. - Play tracks just in app. - Set alarm clocks. - Wake you up with different ringtones and easy mini-game every morning. Alarm tone randomization works only with an in-built alarm clock.
Want more functionality? Tell us about that in review and expect the new patches, because app supporting and improvement is still availiable.
ATTENTION SONY USERS:Get sure you white-listed RandTune for Stamina mode if you want to use an in-built alarm clock. It may not wake you up in the right time otherwise :c